Jimmyjane Celebrates Masturbation Month Offering Customers Free Sir Richard’s Condoms

By on May 20, 2016

San Francisco, CA, – Jimmyjane, the design-centric brand and leader in the premium pleasure product category, is partnering with sister brand, Sir Richard’s, to offer a free box of premium condoms with every order. The brand aims to support self-love and masturbation, while also supporting sexual health and mutual partner pleasure in the weeks that follow Masturbation May. Throughout the entire month of May, Jimmyjane will include a 12 Pack of Extra Large Sir Richard’s Condoms in all shipments with promo code “WRAPIT” to support Masturbation Month.

Held every May since 1995, National Masturbation Month was created to support and protect the right to masturbate. Jimmyjane has always believed in promoting a positive sexual well-being that can help consumers better enhance their sex lives and relationships. Masturbation Month is a celebration of our sexual freedom and right to embrace our sexuality. Jimmyjane wants to support masturbation and a healthy sex life at all levels. This promotion will draw attention to the individual’s right to masturbate and also provide Sir Richard’s condoms to encourage people to explore couples or partners sex in a safe and healthy way. While most of Jimmyjane’s products feature masturbatory products, this package will provide all the tools for the ultimate solo & partner experience.

Sir Richard’s is no stranger to donations and supporting sexual health in the worldwide community. Since the company was founded they have donated over 3 million condoms to communities in need with their Buy One, Give One program. Their line of premium natural latex condoms were created to shake up a staid industry, offering condoms free of glycerin, spermicide, parabens, and petrochemicals so users can have the happiest and healthiest sexual experiences.

The special Jimmyjane x Sir Richard’s Masturbation Month offer will be available to all customers who shop at WWW.JIMMYJANE.COM and use promo code “WRAPIT” throughout the month of May.

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