Kheper Donates to Local Food Bank

By on May 1, 2020

Seattle, WA – Kheper Games, Inc. donated 150 pounds of gummi candy to a local Seattle food bank in lieu of a more formal launch of this new item.

Naughty Gummi Emojis is a set of gummy candies with grape-flavored eggplants, orange-flavored tacos, and peach-flavored peaches. Each bag contains a mix of 32 pieces and weighs 5 ounces (144 grams). An early sample was first shown off at the ANME show in Burbank last January and the NY Now show in February.

“Yesterday, after curbside pickup, I’m processing and packing online orders and I’m starved!” said Vanessa Fuchs, the owner of Sassy Sensations. “(In the sample box) There is the bag of emoji gummies. I ate ¾ of the bag. Wonderful…tastes great. Love them!”

“We’ve been operating as we need to during this past month of lockdown in Seattle.” Explains CEO Brian Pellham. “One important thing we did though, was realize we are a food provider, since we have a dozen+ candies, suckers and gum in our line. A contact I reached from the Ballard Food Bank in Seattle was delighted to accept what we were able to share, as food banks locally and nationally, are running out of food. We soon learned that our Naughty Gummi Emojis gave the adults a much-needed laugh without younger kids understanding the adult element of the product. We were happy that we were able to do our part, by helping donate a candy item. We want to encourage others to do the same. We’re thrilled we were able to provide a funny product during such a serious time.”

Kheper will launch a limited-edition version of a popular sucker of theirs called The F*ck You Covid-19 Sucker.

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