Kheper Launch New Line of Adult Pop-It Toys

By on March 9, 2022

Seattle, WA – Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the official launch of their new line of Pop-It Toys, including:  Penis Pop-It and Boob Pop-It.

Kheper Games prides itself on always being on top of the latest trends.  For example, they started the adult party game trend with their What the F*ck? line of drinking and party games 16 years ago.  They’ve had products on YouTube reviewed by The Pun Guys and have landed in Entertainment Weekly’s Gift Guide for the Social Mom.  And of course, the Squishy Toys they launched in 2018 have become best selling novelties with many adult stores and chains.

“Pop-It Toys have been around since 1975, but only recently became popular due to a video on TikTok.” Explains Kheper Games CEO, Brian Pellham.  “They have become the next stress-relieving item, following in the footsteps of fidget spinners and squishy toys.   Although most are marketed to kids, adults also enjoy using them as doing it resembles the fun pastime we’ve all been guilty of indulging in at one point or another, popping bubble wrap.  We, of course, like to make toys naughty and fun for adults.  Just as we did with the Squishy Toy line of ours a few years ago, we foresee this fun spoof becoming the next trend in adult stores as well.”

Pop-It Toys by Kheper Games, Inc., will be formally launched via distributor booths at the upcoming Altitudes show March 14-16 in Las Vegas.  Entrenue and William’s Trading have both confirmed they will be displayed along with the majority or all of Kheper’s new releases.

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