Kheper Games New Humorous & Erotic Coupons

By on March 4, 2020

Seattle, WA – Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to release its newest addition to its wide selection of romance games and novelties; I’m Your Slut Coupons and I’m Your Stallion Coupons.

The I’m Your Stallion Coupons include 10 slutty coupons for her. They can be redeemed any time she wishes for her lover to carry one of them out for her. Examples include; A Cunning Linguist for oral sex, Missionary Impossible for sex positions that are more unique, and It’s a Deep Snow Day…Time for Some Heavy Plowing.

The I’m Your Slut Coupons include 10 slutty coupons for him. They can be redeemed any time he wishes for his lover to carry one of them out for him. Examples include; a Red Light District Happy Ending Massage, Breast-fast in Bed, where he eats food off her naked body, and Pull My Parking Break where she gives him a handjob.

“Many people could find coupons to be a little cheesy as a romance gift.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “That’s why for our new styles we made them intentionally cheesy and funny, so the couple has great sex, but also has a good laugh each time they sort through their respective coupon books. Good relationships need good humor to keep them fresh.

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of lower priced impulsive sex games and novelties, including: Lucky Sex! Scratch Tickets and Dice, Let’s F*ck Dice, Cards and Coupons, and Sex! Dice, Coupons, Scratch Tickets, and their Sex! Card Game, that has now sold over two million copies.
Kheper Games, Inc. is also celebrating 25 years and 25,000,000 products sold this year with their kickoff party mid-March in Seattle.

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