Kheper, Inc. Launches New Popping Dick Sucker

By on December 4, 2020

Seattle, WA – Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce the release of their newest candy item, the Popping Dick Sucker.   Many of Kheper’s customers have already rushed in this item as it makes for a great stocking stuffer.  It also is a fun adult novelty that can also work for pride and bride-to-be or gay pre-wedding parties.

The Popping Dick Sucker is a fun and unique way to enjoy a novelty candy sucker.  It is Piña Colada flavored and it explodes in your mouth!  To bust your nut, simply dip the coconut flavored sucker into the pineapple popping candy.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing something unique to the adult candy market.” Explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We tried many ways to create the Popping Dick Sucker this year and worked with dozens of vendors to prefect it in the most economical way with an inexpensive cost.”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of edible products, also including: Naughty Gummi Emojis, Laid! Gum, Cherry/Strawberry/Cinnamon/Beer Pasties, The F*ck You Sucker, The F*ck You Covid-19 Sucker, Rainbow Dick Suckers, GumBALLS, and the holiday Gingerbread/Santa Face/ Reindeer/Candy Cane/Spearmint Candy/Snowflake Pasties. 

Kheper Games recently won Adult Game Manufacturer of the Year from Sign Magazine, and is up for three awards with XBIZ.   Adult Game of the Year for their I Hate game,  Community Figure of the Year for Cathy Ziegler, and Chief Executive of the Year for Brian Pellham.

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