Lists Top-Selling Sex Toys by State

By on February 28, 2017

San Francisco, CA, — today released sales data from its online store and product line for all 50 states as part of its ongoing look at the kinkiest places in the U.S.

“Adult companies are able to provide an honest, unique and broad-based look at sex and sexuality based on what users actually do and buy, rather than what they tell researchers,” said Mike Stabile, spokesperson for

“Using our data, we looked at the top-selling toys in each of the 50 states to try and determine what really drives people sexually in different areas of the country.” offered the following views of sex toys, state by state:

Liberal states like California, home to Los Angeles (No. 1 in the Kinkiest Cities survey this year) and San Francisco (No. 4), and New York (home to No. 2, New York), favor electro-stimulation tools, such as the TAZapper.

Anal toys, including butt plugs and prostate massagers, dominated in conservative states like Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Kansas.

Maryland, home to much of the District of Columbia (No. 8) political class, favors penis pumps.

Rust belt states, like Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin and Illinois, tend to favor extreme restraints like chastity cages and hoods, while Mid-Atlantic states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania like whips and floggers.

Vibrating wands like the Hitachi Magic Wand are popular regardless of a state’s electoral orientation.

Visit the 2017 Kink State of the Union to find out more about the sales data, which comes from the largest producer of BDSM and fetish entertainment. Last year, Kink partnered with Doc Johnson to develop a high-end BDSM and fetish line.

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