LELO Announces LELO HEX™

By on March 26, 2016

Stockholm/San Jose – Swedish designer brand LELO has today announced the upcoming launch of the LELO HEX™ condom in the summer of 2016.

LELO’s R&D departments have been working on optimizing an unprecedented condom design since 2009, and this summer sees LELO HEX™ arrive on the market. The new design has already received all relevant certifications for sale globally, and LELO is currently ramping up production to meet expected demand.

Steve Thomson, LELO’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “LELO Pleasure Products are famous for helping millions enjoy healthier, more vibrant sex lives. Now we’re taking another step forward in launching the world’s first re-engineered condom. This landmark design looks set to become the most important innovation in the category for more than 70 years. We’re thrilled to bring it to market.”

Further details are still being held tightly under wraps, but you can follow the progress of how LELO HEX™ aims to revolutionize the world of safe sex by signing up for regular updates on www.lelocondoms.com

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