LELO HEX™ Condoms Now Available in Target Across the US

By on October 21, 2016

After a successful prelaunch phase where HEX™ secured more than 3000 pieces of coverage worldwide, including publications such as QG, Playboy, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Wired and TIME, within the first 2 months of online ordering, LELO has finally succeeded where many new innovative condoms have failed and have secured shelf space inside Target.

Designed to meet the challenge faced by most condoms for the past 70 years namely slippage, breakage, and reduced pleasure, the unique hexagonal structure of HEX™ had created a safe sex solution the likes of which has never been seen in the condom industry before. The enthusiasm with which the HEX Appeal campaign was met proved this innovation was long overdue; the prelaunch generated over $1 Million USD with more than 30,000 people signing up to try the new condoms before anyone else. In order to cater to the demand garnered by the explosive media coverage of HEX™, fans will now be able to purchase 3- and 12-packs of the revolutionary new condom in Target stores across the US.

LELO CMO Steve Thomson said: “Since the very inception of LELO, the primary goal was to bring quality pleasure products to the wider public. Over the course of our decade-long history, we have been able to expand upon that goal in ways we never first thought possible, thanks to evolving technology and the input of our customers. HEX™ represents the very latest in this endeavor, and working with the second largest retailer of its kind in the United States is a very important step in achieving that goal.”

With almost 2,000 stores across the United States, Target is the perfect partner to help LELO bring HEX™ into the bedrooms of customers who may have already given up on condoms that aren’t as reliable and pleasurable as the LELO HEX™ condom. Interested in customers can use the Target Location finder to find out where HEX™ is being carried closest to them, or use Target’s online store for fast, discreet delivery.

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