LELO HEX Wins PRWeek Global Award

By on May 16, 2017

Stockholm/ San Jose/ Melbourne, – Last week saw PRWeek name LELO the winner of their annual awards in the category of Healthcare, in the latest of a recent series of high-profile accolades for their HEX™ condom.

The PRWeek Global Awards are held in London and attract some of the biggest brands in advertising, marketing and PR. On the night, LELO was hailed alongside names like the Financial Times, Mastercard, Bacardi and many more household names.

The PR campaign for the launch of LELO HEX™ in 2016 beat out competitors thanks to its highly challenging and controversial nature, drawing public awareness to the fact that STIs were on at record levels. The disruptive nature of the campaign’s content and unusual partnerships (like the divisive prominence Charlie Sheen, who helped to communicate a message of caution via his HIV positive status) made HEX™ the most successful condom launch in recent history.

LELO CMO Steve Thomson said: “This is huge news for us, and we couldn’t be more proud of our work today. The campaign for HEX™ was risky, and we knew not everyone would be able to see the message over the contentious partnerships. But this PRWeek award is absolute vindication that we made the right decision in our mission to spread the word about positive sexual health.”

The PRWeek Global Awards set the industry standard when it comes to PR, and it’s unusual to see an “adult” brand like LELO be given such mainstream acceptance. HEX™ was praised particularly for its “risk-taking campaign campaigning against taking risks” and for the overall quality of its execution.

The launch of LELO HEX™ reached many millions, becoming one of the first condoms that truly spoke to a mainstream audience. In doing so, the message of sexual health and healthy sexual expression established a new standard in the industry and beyond.

• Crowdfunding campaign raised over $1,000,000
• Received 30,000 backers from more than 100 countries
• Over 600,000 condoms sold
• Smashed its crowdfunding target on Indiegogo by 3,245%
• Over 4 million video views within the first week
• Accrued 120,000 newsletter subscribers in the first 10 days
• Generated more than 3,000 individual news stories across the world (Media coverage in the first 2 months)
• A PR total of 5,030,000,000 readers
• Peaked at 50 interactions per minute on social media

More information about LELO HEX™ Condoms can be found on lelo.com. Interested retailers can contact sales@lelo.com for more information.

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