LELO Launches Guilty Pleasures Luxury Gift Set – So Sexy it’s Criminal

By on November 17, 2016

Stockholm/ San Jose/ Melbourne, – For the first time ever, by popular demand LELO has collected together some of its most beloved and bestselling pleasure products packaged them beautifully as giftsets. And the most exciting part – they’re available with huge discounts versus buying the contents individually.

There are a total of four sets, each one designed to target a different audience so every taste is catered for.

The Alibi is all about secrecy―in the discreet and luxurious box you’ll find the lipstick-style MIA™ 2 external massager, the world-famous LUNA Beads™ Noir, and 75ml of LELO’s water-based personal moisturizer.

The Accomplice represents the most indulgent, sensuous experience for couples.
Inside, you’ll find the TOR™ 2 vibrating couples’ ring, 12 state-of-the art HEX™ condoms, and a large 150ml bottle of LELO’s exclusive water-based personal moisturizer.

Are you ready to confess? Inside the beautiful packaging, you’ll first find the bestselling LELO TIANI™ 3 couple’s massager with silky LELO SUTRA™ chain link cuffs and 75ml bottle of LELO’s exclusive water-based personal moisturizer.

Show a special woman in your life your best intentions with this powerful pleasure pack. It contains a INA™ 2 rabbit-style massagers, sound-responsive SIRI™ 2 handheld massager and a 75ml bottle of LELO’s exclusive water-based personal moisturizer.

These luxury giftsets, stunningly packaged in tailor-made presentation packages, offer the perfect intimate gifting option for couples this holiday season.

LELO CMO Steve Thomson said: “We’re a couples’ brand and we’re often asked to produce something that really speaks to romance and intimacy during the holiday season. The Guilty Pleasures giftsets are the perfect answer for that demand.”

For more information visit www.lelo.com/pleasure-sets. Contact your local sales representative or email us at sales@lelo.com.

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