LELO Returns with Entirely New Sonic Sex Toy for More Clitoral Stimulation

By on October 18, 2017

The world’s foremost pleasure brand, LELO, today revealed a brand new pleasure concept to combat age-old and incorrect assumptions about the clitoris, one of the most unique and misunderstood organs in the human body.

Called the LELO SONA, the designer pleasure product uses sonic waves and pulses instead of traditional vibrations to stimulate the ENTIRE clitoris – including the much larger internal structure beyond the familiar external part. This allows for direct arousal of 75% MORE of the clitoris than that offered by a ‘standard’ vibrator.

Launched with an incredible 15-week long introductory offer, to usher in the start of a year-long celebration of LELO’s 15th anniversary.

SONA does away with conventional vibrating motors in favour of world-first sonic technology. Thanks to a sonic ‘pad’ in the ‘mouth’ of SONA, it creates sonic pulses that reverberate into the clitoris and are transmitted throughout its entire body, for a sensation that seems to come from deep within you – as opposed to a conventional vibrator, which applies its sensations directly and only onto the surface. The result? A climax that also feels like it comes from a deeper place, and a more satisfying orgasmic experience.

LELO CMO Steve Thomson said: “Better understanding of female pleasure is crucially important. It lays the foundation for personal empowerment on an individual basis, which in turn can contribute to profound improvements in gender inequality. Our sonic massager SONA isn’t just a sex toy – it’s a symbol of a cultural change and a social upheaval. It’s a difficult landscape for sex right now, but an exciting one. What we at LELO want is to be a catalyst for a critical mass of clitoral appreciation. We want people to have a deeper understanding of the clitoris’ depth. SONA helps to unlock that potential.”

LELO is launching two versions: the LELO SONA, and the more exclusive SONA Cruise. SONA Cruise features an entirely new innovation pioneered by LELO: Cruise Control. Where most pleasure products experience a drop in power during use when they are firmly pressed against the body, SONA Cruise reserves an extra 20% power so that when it senses enough pressure, it can drop that 20% into the engine and ensure a more stable and continuous experience. It’s an automatic feature, designed to offer a sensation free from hassle or frustration, and it addresses one of the most common complaints customers make: that their sex toys lose power in vigorous use.

LELO has created this support video to accompany the launch:

Retailers interested in stocking SONA and SONA Cruise are encouraged to email sales@lelo.com, or contact their LELO sales rep.

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