Liberator Gains Market Penetration on New Netflix Series

By on November 15, 2015

ATLANTA, GA, – Liberator, Inc., the manufacturer of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, has gained mainstream exposure with one of its products being featured on the new Netflix series, Master of None, starring Aziz Ansari.

“We received an email from one of the producers of the show requesting permission to use the Liberator Wedge,” said April Harmon, Creative Director for Liberator. “Liberator was actually written into the script.”

Well received by critics, the new series has a wide-range of topics that include complex relationships, the lives of older people, and racial and sexual politics. The New York Times describes the show “as an adorable but mature rom-com that is binge-worthy.”

“We are really honored that this show chose our product to be included in their series,” said Louis Friedman, CEO and Founder of Liberator. “As sex becomes less taboo in mainstream culture, we will see more products like ours making cameos, which gives us a lot more exposure then we had years ago when our industry was relatively hidden.”

The Netflix series Master of None premiered on November 6 with all 10 episodes released at simultaneously. The Liberator Wedge, along with the company’s brand new flip door packaging which features a position guide, appears on Episode 9, “Mornings.” The premise of the Liberator scene draws attention to the character’s honeymoon phase. When things begin to slow down, Ansari’s character, Dev presents his girlfriend, Rachel (Noel Wells) with the “Liberator” Wedge he purchased from a retailer, Babeland, as a way to “spice things up.”

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