Liberator Leading the Mainstream Sex Furniture Trend

By on February 12, 2016

ATLANTA, GA, – Liberator, Inc., the manufacturer of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, is confident that sex furniture is set to become a huge trend in 2016 as mainstream media embraces sexual wellness.

As 2016 continues to move forward, so does the momentum in sexual exploration and expression. At the forefront of mainstream conversation, the sex furniture crafted by Liberator is a budding topic among media outlets such Glamour Magazine U.K. and Vice’s channel directed at women, Broadly.

“It seems that we are approaching a critical mass of sex and sexuality. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the sexual wellness industry—even we at Liberator are thrilled by the popularity and media interest that our products generate.” said Angela Lieben, Marketing Manager for Liberator.

The company reports a sharp increase in sales of their most popular Shapes which include the Wedge/Ramp Combo, a set of high-density foam positioning aids, and the Esse Chaise, a luxury lounger designed for better angles during sex. With “sex furniture” and “sexual positioning aids” being the most commonly inquired keyword searches, it looks like Liberator is set to be the next new addition to home decor.

“The desire for sexual adventure is there, and 2016 will be the year that we will witness huge revolution in mainstream sexual attitudes.” added Lieben. Glamour Magazine’s sexpert Alix Fox concurs that the latest erotic trend in home furnishing is indeed sex furniture.

As the confines of sexual expression is torn down, Liberator predicts attitudes to sex will continue to evolve, and more couples will feel confident in exploring pleasure. This deepening understanding and knowledge of sexual interests and lifestyles is really driving the interest of the sex furniture industry.

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