Lovehoney and TradeMutt Spark Mental Health Conversations

By on June 22, 2021

Bath, UK – Employees at global sexual wellness brand Lovehoney are sporting an attention-grabbing new look to raise awareness of Mental Health this June.

The sexual happiness brand has kitted out its 60 plus staff in new workwear from social impact workwear brand, TradeMutt to highlight the importance of open and positive conversations around sexual happiness and wellbeing on mental health. 

Director of Lovehoney Australia, Rob Godwin, said: “At Lovehoney we put a huge focus on our staff health and wellbeing, providing perks like free protein smoothies, gym membership, PT sessions and a free EAP service which provides all employees with free counseling. This initiative was designed to spark more conversations among staff, and in their friends and families about mental health.”

All sales of Trademutt Workwear help fund free and unlimited professional mental health support for tradies, truckies and blue collar workers through their support service

Rob continued: “I was introduced to the TradeMutt team earlier this year and think the role they play in raising awareness of mental illness among the blue collar community and starting these important, lifesaving conversations is fantastic. I was lucky enough to head to their offices to record a podcast discussing the link between sexual and mental wellbeing, and was inspired to do more so invited the TradeMutt team into our offices to chat to the team about mental health.”

Daniel Allen, Co-Founder of TradeMutt and TIACS said: “The level of vulnerability it takes to talk about sex is much the same as the vulnerability that it takes to talk openly about mental health. At TradeMutt, we are committed to starting important conversations, and with sex and relationships playing such a huge part in shaping our lives, it’s important that we acknowledge how these topics impact our mental wellbeing. Both TradeMutt and Lovehoney have built powerful platforms that enable vulnerability, and if the response from our podcast with Rob is anything to go by, people are about to become a whole lot more vulnerable through conversation. That’s how we create positive cultural change.”

A recent Lovehoney survey* found that 25% of people believe sex has a positive impact on their mental health. It was also widely recognised that sex plays an important role in overall wellbeing. Three-quarters of those surveyed agreed that a healthy sex life can help reduce stress levels.

Rob added: “We know that sex is still a fairly taboo topic, and not talked about as freely as it should be. We hope that by encouraging people to talk more openly about intimacy, and encouraging a healthy sex life, we can make a positive impact health and wellbeing.”

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