Lovehoney’s Uprize Is The Latest In Sex Toy Technology

By on January 18, 2018

The Lovehoney Trade Sales Team have kicked off 2018 by unveiling the world’s first bionic vibrating dildo, Uprize, at the ANME Founders show in California.

Uprize showcases the very latest in innovation in the sex toy industry, introducing patented Remote Control AutoErect™ technology, which automatically powers the rise and fall of the Uprize dildo shaft.

When erect, Uprize is completely rigid and has a strong suction base so it can be attached to flat surfaces or fit into a harness for couple’s play. With a motor in the tip and 10 vibration functions that range from intense to off-the-scale, Uprize is designed to pack in the pleasure.

The product also provides superior comfort with its signature curve and coat of soft silicone which can be used for G-Spot, prostate or other methods of stimulation.

With its advanced technology, Uprize is best suited for those who are well-versed with a variety of sex toys and want to try something more advanced.

Lovehoney’s International Sales Manager Jim Primrose says, “Without a doubt, Uprize is a groundbreaking product and we are delighted with the positive feedback that our customers and distributors have had on the range. Not only do they love the product but the fantastic supporting POS which will increase sales and encourage footfall into stores.”

The range caught the attention of those attending the ANME Founders show.

Chris Bakker, owner of Eropartner commented on Uprize: “Only Lovehoney could invent something like this. Another brilliant concept, great quality unique in the marketplace, amazing powerful vibrations, yet so quiet, I love the super soft material and the rock hard erection us brilliant. I’m so glad you have also produced a harness too to complete the offering. I love the whole thing and the POS is excellent too. Well done Lovehoney.”

Hans-Juergen Baher Head of Purchasing at Orion said, “It was worth coming to ANME just to see this product, it’s outstanding!”

Sven Jacobsen Head of Wholesale at Orion also commented on Uprize, “this product will be one of the biggest in the industry I am certain. It really is excellent!”

Uprize is available in a 6 inch purple and 6 inch flesh pink style; and an 8 inch flesh pink and 8 inch black style. The dildos also come with a remote control and are harness compatible. An Uprize strap-on harness is also available to purchase.

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