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By on April 2, 2015
Lovers Dream

I didn’t quite know what to make of the Lovers’ Dream when I first heard of it. I was very curious and having tried several so called couples’ toys previously, I had some mixed notions, but I have to say, this one has truly blown me away! This one really did work and did what it says it’s supposed to do! It did provide pleasurable, simultaneous orgasm(s) for both the male and female partner.

The Lovers’ Dream is another medical grade, silicon rechargeable vibrator but what struck me immediately is the lovely design and shape. I tried the Sky Blue version, it is an attractive piece and I can see the obvious functional considerations that have gone into it. Boasting 3 vibrating motors, 4 speeds and 5 modes, the Lovers’ Dream has a long insertable shaft with a lovely curved, outside vibrating tip designed as either a clit stim or if reversed, an anal massager.

The soft clit stim tip also houses the touch controls, no remote on this one yet, and is ideally placed to stimulate the clitoris whilst the insertable shaft contains a recess on the underside, designed to allow room for the inserted penis. I grabbed my man, who was as eager as I was, if not more.

The feeling is wonderful fulfilling for the female, there is room for all, everything fits. The vibrating motors are fine, we tried all the settings and had a great play. My man loved it, he said, it was the first couples’ toy that he really actually liked and wanted to use again. The Lovers Dream stayed in position centrally during penetration, and on the clitoris, due to the recess on the underside and that was a distinct benefit over other devices. We did use a water based lube for this one, it is necessary. Occasionally I needed to hold this toy during penetration, to stop it from sliding out.

My favourite, lying on my front, I inserted the Lovers’ Dream vaginally inversed allowing the stimulating tip now to penetrate me anally, whilst my partner inserted vaginally from behind. OMG! All the bells were going off and it was an intense and deep orgasm. Hence, why I state that this toy does work and it is an amazing experience for both the female and male partner.

According to the manufacturer, run time is one hour and fifteen minutes, with a one hour charge. Use a water based lube and wash with soap water. This toy unfortunately doesn’t have a USB cable, and in my version was available only with a US mains power plug. The charging device is a bit clumsy; it uses a clip on ABS plastic piece which clamps onto two round, metal, protruding prongs at the neck of the device. It works fine and the benefits and design aspects of this toy are wonderful. We love the Lovers Dream!
Laura for Synergy Magazine

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