Maitland Ward Honored with Best Actress Win at 2022 XRCO Awards

By on May 11, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Maitland Ward was a big winner at Thursday night’s XRCO Awards, with the announcement of her Best Actress trophy for her powerhouse performance in Deeper smash hit feature, Muse 2.  

This is the second consecutive XRCO Best Actress win for the Deeper contract star’s fearless portrayal of a Sexual Psychology professor, which she decorously described to Daily Beast as “notorious for her many-limbed body of work in the world of sex… she goes from being a hunter to prey but then also a hunter again—all in the blink of an eye.” 

“I want to extend my appreciation to the X-Rated Critics Organization’s editors and reviewers for their consideration in acknowledging my work – for two years in a row – as Professor Ward in Muse and Muse 2,” said Ward. 

“And I also would like to thank Kayden Kross – XRCO’s reigning Best Director-Features, as well as the supremely talented Deeper production team, for their hard work in bringing the magic of Muse to life!”

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