Maitland Ward Wins 2020 Fleshbot Award for Best Social Media Personality

By on December 17, 2020

Los Angeles, CA — Maitland Ward is the proud owner of her first-ever Fleshbot Award for Best Social Media Personality, honoring her creative achievements as an online entertainer this past year. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the fans who voted for me – and to Fleshbot for regularly supporting me on your site – making it possible for me to bring home this Fleshbot Award trophy,” said Ward. 

Ward’s status as a social media superstar and influencer is unparalleled. The fiery redhead, whose racy cosplay costumes are seared into the forever consciousness of her devoted fans, boasts more than 1.4 million Instagram followers, nearly 448,000 Twitter followers and is in the top .02% of all OnlyFans accounts worldwide, with 28,000 paid subscribers. 

“Through the modern miracle of social media, I’ve been able to make some great friends, experience some amazing moments and launch an exciting new career,” said Ward. “I enjoy expressing myself in front of others, and I’m really happy that so many people enjoy what I do.”

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