Male Power Release Camo Sport Net

By on February 22, 2018

This camo is something to be seen in. Camo Sport Net, a new line of underwear from Male Power, lets you flaunt your sensuality in true style and total comfort.

Sleek, smooth camouflage patterned spandex complements cool, breathable athletic net to make one breathtaking package. The combined dual tone fabrics are contrasted with bright, orange stripes to unique, eye-catching effect. A coated, matte leather-look waistband and trim add the perfect finishing touches.

Three piping hot styles are available. The Sport Strap Thong features detachable crisscross elastane straps to accentuate those rock hard abs you’ve been building. The Sport Short and Sport Bikini offer open weave netting in back, for added breathability and a little extra exposure to tease and please.

Sold in Male Power’s bold new packaging, Camo Sport Net is trendy, sporty and urbane. It’s the perfect underwear to cloak your dagger.

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