Male Power Unveils New Catalogue

By on May 20, 2016

Male Power continues to change with the times, in order to serve a constantly evolving customer base with increasingly sophisticated tastes. “Our clientele demands a large selection of merchandise, the latest trends in
apparel, and a very broad array of options,” according to company president Jeffrey Baker. In order to deliver that, the company has refashioned itself many times over, and the latest makeover is the most ambitious in Male Power’s history.

It began late last year with a physical move to new and expansive headquarters in Hauppauge, New York. The current company offices and warehouse allow for increasing productivity and creativity, greater storage capacity, faster shipping and improved customer service. The company’s dramatic growth can continue apace in
their new home.

The latest Male Power catalog further underscores the company’s complete dedication to becoming bigger and better. Previous catalogs utilized extensive studio photography. The newly released edition, however, was shot largely on location in sunny Los Angeles, in order to capture a fresh new look that better showcases Male Power’s latest, cutting edge fashions. The finest men’s undergarments made today are highlighted in stunning lifestyle images,
elegantly and artfully captured by a world-class fashion photographer using top-of-the-line models.

The 2016 Male Power catalog is, in a word, huge. It contains every garment in the company’s massive product line, along with comprehensive information about fabrics, sizes and color options. Even the cover itself is a work of art, with its soft, velvet touch that symbolizes the delicacy and comfort of the materials used in every Male Power garment.

Male Power’s credo is constant innovation, as demonstrated by their new headquarters and completely revamped catalog. “We have very ambitious plans for the future,” Baker assures,“and we invite our retailers to grow with us.” See for yourself at the company’s website:

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