Marcus Horea, Petra LoBrutto to Preside Over Coquette International, Stag Shop

By on May 27, 2021

Cambridge, Ontario — Coquette International and Stag Shop have announced siblings Marcus Horea and Petra LoBrutto as presidential successors to the respective companies.

The brother/sister team have stated that they are “excited to carry on the legacy of their parents and founders, Peter and Catherine Horea, who announced their retirement earlier this month after more than 49 years in the business.”

Horea and LoBrutto, a rep explained, “are both armed with over 20 years of experience within the companies. They previously held the title of ‘Co-Vice President’ for the last decade, making this an obvious and seamless transition. Both have proven to be dedicated leaders over the years and are well-connected in the adult industry.”

LoBrutto expressed pride in “the foundation our parents built.”

“We are excited to incorporate new and innovative ideas to elevate both companies to the highest possible level,” she said.

Horea and his sibling “want to continue to build strong futures for both companies.”

“We are prepared to adapt to accommodate ever-changing market demands while staying true to our brands’ history in order to thrive and reach our full potential,” he added.

The rep stated that Canadian lingerie company Coquette International and adult retail site Stag Shop “both demonstrated great success during the time in which Marcus and Petra were appointed Co-Vice Presidents. Even amongst the stresses of a global pandemic, they managed to increase efficiency and maintain profitability, suggesting a promising future and continuing growth for both companies and their employees.”

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