Medium Tunnel Plug – Perfect Fit Brand

By on November 11, 2015

There’s something about Perfect Fit’s Medium Tunnel Plug in clear or black that’s instantly appealing. It’s like a ‘stress ball’: malleable and robust it springs straight back to shape no matter what abuse it receives. Which is handy, as this butt plug is dedicated to the darkest of pleasures, taking anal sex to a whole new level…

Indeed, designed with extreme naughtiness in mind, as it says on the package, the USP of this product is its integrated tunnel, which with a little imagination can lead to all different kinds of scenarios. Depending on the size of the Plug (medium, large or extra large), you can insert fingers, lube, a vibrator or whatever takes your fancy into the hole. From douching or erotica enemas, watersports to humiliation play there isn’t much you couldn’t do with this plug: since it doesn’t trap air you could even wear it all day at the office. Naughty!

Perfect Fit’s Medium Tunnel Plug in clear does unfortunately have its drawbacks. The clearness of the PF blend (silicone and PVC combined) designed to make the anal passage visible during use doesn’t quite work. To satisfy an aspiring proctologist you’d need a glass version.

Likewise, it would be great to have a removable plug inside the tunnel to make it firmer and easier to insert, as there’s a tendency for the plug to collapse because it’s so flexible – an issue with the larger sizes especially. On the one hand this pliability is an essential part of introducing it to the anus (the 6.35” girth of the medium is not for beginners, and it doesn’t come in small) yet on the other hand it actually makes it more difficult to pop in. A finger placed in the tunnel may help maintain the firmness or a vibrator, if you have one of the larger sizes.

The important thing with Perfect Fit’s Tunnel Plugs is to go slow, and if at first you don’t succeed, give it a break and then once you’re sufficiently relaxed try, try, try again. Remember too, that this range is not suitable for use with latex condoms, and that anal lube of the water-based variety is of the essence. Happily, once you’ve got these elements sorted, you can let your imagination run riot…

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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