Melina Macdonald – Love & Indulgence and Taboo Intimacy

By on February 9, 2016

I became single after 11 years of marriage and decided I wanted to get my own inner sparkle back. I started researching into sex, intimacy and the adult industry and one statistic changed my occupational life for good.

“85% of women only orgasm with clitoral stimulation,15% with penetration”.
I always thought I was normal, (which I am), however I never knew I was in the minority. It didn’t make any sense, (which my research indicated), as all women can orgasm via penetration but they never completely ‘surrender’ to the experience. ‘Surrender’ has to be more of a holistic approach, as for women its top to toe, inside and out. Not just a focus on the vagina.
In my eyes, things had to change! We needed to be better informed and educated. So my business has always been focused on adult toys as a means to help connect with yourself or someone else first and foremost the orgasm is just a bonus.

A typical day
I’m not sure I have one! Everyday I am constantly popping on different hats whether that is a sales one, a creative artistic design hat, a researcher or just a team leader hat. The variety keeps me interested.

The most significant influence in my working career was/is
My own journey. I found I have grown with my customer base. I was such a prude and the idea of ME going to buy an adult product vs. me taking someone else into an adult store was in my mind ridiculous. I have found though, after a bit of education, that products don’t have to be phallic and the people in the industry are lovely and always willing to help and educate. I have been fortunate enough to take my journey and utilize it to help introduce others to the world of fun, play, education and self-empowerment with adult products.

I’m most proud of
My mum. If I could convert her way of thinking and feeling about sex and the adult industry I can convert anyone!

One of the most memorable moments was
Doing a women’s workshop with mothers & daughters. I found it so fascinating how the prudishness jumps a generation. Best research day ever.

Last book I read
-Tony Robbins – Money, Master the Game.

-7 Simple steps to Financial Freedom.
This man is not just motivating, but a genius. He helps you with your limiting beliefs and to remove your deceptive story that you tell yourself that holds you back from having an amazing life. I have used many of his techniques to help women who have been sexually intimated, abused or just believe there are no good men out there.

Favourite movie/TV show
I don’t watch much TV anymore however I got sucked into ‘True Blood’ there for a while. Love vampires. However,r my two favourite movies are, ‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘The Goonies’.

What would most people not know about me
It’s my spiritual side. I meditate and spend a lot of time being educated to keep connecting with my core self. I love to have a huge night with friends on the dancefloor which helps bring me back to my core feminine energy.

Other than that I am a hardcore backpacker and…I haven’t slept with a pillow for 5 years now.

My favourite place
Africa! Put me in the middle of no-where with no internet, electricity or even running toilets and I’m in my true happy place. By being disconnected to technology I became reconnected with myself, humbled by my environment and at total peace. After my first trip to Africa my partner asked what happened to me as I’m normally “mad as a cut snake!” but I was calm and quiet. Crazy but true.

What I like best about my job
I love the stories that come back to me of how the techniques I teach work for dating or how they go from never wanting a toy to telling me they want to “upgrade” to a new one. I love the feedback and watching people grow. Nothing can give me more pleasure.

If I could change one thing
I wish I had the educational and emotional tools in my tool belt a decade ago so I could have mastered this game called ‘life’ a lot earlier. However, if I had that I wouldn’t be where I am today which I soo love. Hmmm, maybe dumping my first boyfriend because I was scared that he was a virgin and I wasn’t. Amazing how one decision can change the direction of your entire life.

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