Motorbunny BUCK® Debuts and Creates a New Category of Pleasure Products

By on April 17, 2019

Sanford, NC – The makers of Motorbunny, the powerful motorized ride-on-top vibrator that was named “Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer” at the 2019 AVN Awards, are very proud to announce the release of Motorbunny BUCK, the first and only power vibrator to mimic real life pelvic thrust, creating an entirely new category of sex toy.

To view a demonstration of Motorbunny BUCK, click here.

“Our goal is to empower sexually creative, as well as realistic experiences. Adding a thrusting motion to the famed power of the Motorbunny furthers this idea,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “BUCK is simply another example of listening to what our customers want, and early beta tester responses have been encouraging, to say the least.”

As the only device of its kind, Motorbunny BUCK features the powerful vibration and comfortable ride-on-top design of the original Motorbunny, while adding two new thrusting actions which are a straight up-and-down motion and “G-Thrust” which is upward and forward for G-spot or prostate stimulation. BUCK also offers users the choice of a flat, vibration-only experience.

The team at Motorbunny is excited to introduce a new accessory for Buck, the Right Angle Wedge. This demonstrates Buck isn’t just for ride-on-top fun. It can be used in doggy style and missionary positions with maximum results.

BUCK was in development for two years with more than a dozen prototypes produced and tested, including exclusive member-only tests at lifestyle clubs and BDSM dungeons across the country. Now, the one-of-a-kind BUCK design is pending approval of four patents.

With a suggested retail price of US$1,549, Motorbunny BUCK is innovative, affordable and meant to last for years with its high-quality construction and sturdy, state-of-the-art components.

Moreover, with its built-in LINK instant Bluetooth pairing technology, Motorbunny BUCK gives users the ability to control the various speeds and frequency of the functions of Motorbunny from their mobile phone or tablet, and connect from long distances via the internet. There is also an entire new world of experiences which are pre-programmed in the app right out of the box.

Motorbunny is the first adult novelty to offer access to an API, which allows users, enthusiasts, developers and novices to program, tweak and hack their Motorbunny LINK functionality on a variety of platforms. They’re also first in the industry to utilize Siri shortcut voice commands. This inclusive feature is designed to allow everyone, including those with disabilities, to tell Siri to turn on and off the device, end and begin sessions, connect and disconnect the device, turn the microphone on and even set the Motorbunny to its varying routines.

“Offering more realistic options is a big goal of ours,” said Brooks Butler, a Motorbunny Principal. “People love the ‘buzz’ of the original Motorbunny and it made sense for us to couple it with a thrusting motion.”

Noted sociologist, author and resident sex and relationship expert for Motorbunny, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals explains, “In today’s sexually progressive world, people are looking for new ways to explore their desires, focus on inclusivity, enhance personal wellness, and foster interpersonal connections. Motorbunny has incorporated feedback to these ends, as well as technological innovations, to bring BUCK to the marketplace – evidence that an erotic enhancement can be as dynamic, both literally and figuratively, as the human sexual experience itself.”

Motorbunny is the pleasure product industry’s leading saddle-style vibrator made for men and women. Its sturdy construction, innovative design, and affordable price have firmly positioned it among the most popular adult products today. Recently, Motorbunny won awards for Outstanding Accessory at the 2019 “O” Awards, and Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer – Small at the 2019 AVN Awards after having earned Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year for the 2018 XBIZ Awards last year.

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