Motorbunny Humbled by POPSUGAR Article

By on December 16, 2020

Sanford, NC – Motorbunny, the ride-on-top power vibrator manufacturer, caps off 2020 with a feature article in POPSUGAR. Kacie Main, staff writer for the popular lifestyle blog, raved about the high end sex toy, adding to the abundance of media attention received throughout 2020.

“This ride-on-top vibrator is teaching me more about my body than any other sex toy,” writes Kacie. “It will be a valuable investment into your body, your orgasms, and your confidence in bed, and that’s always worth it.”

Other terrific media mentions that helped grow Motorbunny awareness in the past year came from BustleMen’s HealthShapeSheKnowsFuture of SexInternational Business TimesKinklyLet’s Talk SexCheat CC, and more.

The sex toy manufacturer’s unique ability to be controlled from anywhere in the world by Internet connectivity has made it a perfect tool for intimacy during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave Motorbunny an unexpected uptick in sales. Additionally in 2020, its bluetooth connected sex toy mobile game FappyBunnyopened itself to universal compatibility, expanding the brand to an entirely new audience. 

Motorbunny is now available in many retail spaces including Adam & Eve and Fairvilla stores around the nation. The sex machine, along with its attachments and accessories, is featured in displays which allow customers to experience its power first hand. Presenting Motorbunny’s buzz and twirl features, its bluetooth capable LINK remote controller, and FappyBunny, its synchronized mobile game for iPhone and Android, it’s a perfect case for the future of sex tech. To find your nearest Motorbunny, use the Motorbunny HopSpot by clicking here

“While 2020 has certainly been challenging, we’re grateful that we are able to give customers what they want,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “Receiving this kind of praise from POPSUGAR affirms our mission to make creative sexual experiences attainable for all bodies. We can’t wait to show what Motorbunny has to share with the world in the future.”

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