Moulding Dani Daniels

By on February 17, 2016

How does it feel to have gooey plaster of Paris run down your butt cheeks? According to mega porn starlet Dani Daniels, it tickles. Yes, an extreme tickle that made her burst into a fit of laughter. This was our common bond, neither of us knew what to expect when we arrived at the Doc Johnson molding room yesterday. Dani was there to have her nether regions molded and I was there to see just what is involved in molding ones most intimate parts.

Entering the gates to Doc Johnson, America’s largest pleasure product manufacturer covering over eight acres, was like winning the golden ticket to a dildo factory. With 500 full time employees, it was evident that a lot goes into making realistic pleasure products to bring fans their fantasies come true.

With a black and white checkerboard floor and black and white portraits lining the wall, the molding room was a mix between old Hollywood and an OB/GYN office. Dani was given a fluffy white robe and a few vibrating toys with which to masturbate. The molding technician Diana told us that molds are better with larger, blood engorged labia lips. That was my first lesson.

When Dani had disrobed and Diana saw her full bush she tsk’d. “You were supposed to shave your bush.” Dani replied that she had a ‘big bush’ porn scene being shot this week and that she couldn’t harm her money-maker. Diana’s response was to use loads of Vaseline to oil up Dani’s flowing pubic hair in hopes that the molding solution wouldn’t pull out her pubes. Shaving or trimming was probably the one rule that Dani should have listened to. I couldn’t imagine having my pubic hair ripped out by plaster! Ouch does not even begin to describe the depiction in my head.

Dani seemed calm enough and set about fluffing herself. I watched as a proprietary blend of plaster was prepared with warm water. We were told that this special mix included things like tea tree oil and red algae – in essence a spa treatment for ones vagina.

It didn’t take long for Diana to hand pour the warm plaster onto Dani’s genitalia. Dani laughed about how she could feel the plaster running down between her butt cheeks. Diana instructed Dani not to laugh or the mold might be ruined by movement. Who would have thought that laughter, and not an air bubble in the mix, could ruin the perfect makings of this cast?

I asked Diana what other rules Dani had broken besides not shaving, while Dani took selfies and showed me photos of her handicapped dog, Darwin, who has his own wheelchair. Diana said that panty lines were also a big No-No. Luckily, Dani only wears panties for her performances.

Plaster gauze was then added on top of the fast-drying goop, making this the ultimate paper mache project. Dani asked if she could help name her own product and began proposing monikers. Her cleverness surprised me. I had not been sure what to expect when meeting a porn star in real life and was honestly surprised by how truly nice, funny and genuine she was. Her best suggestion was Dani’s Hair Pie with her image on the box dressed as a waitress from a 50’s diner.

Diana removed the delicate mold perfectly and Dani didn’t lose a single pubic hair. Whew! Next the mold was handed to her and they were photographed together. I’ve never been at the birth of a baby but this is exactly what it felt like. She even named it Dani Junior. Fitting.

Another important lesson came at this point – all three holes are normally molded. That’s vagina, ass and mouth. Dani asked if her ear would be included and that brought a few laughs.

And so the whole routine was repeated twice more. Which meant more opportunities for selfies, because who doesn’t love taking a photo with the cast of your butthole right next to your duck-lipped face?

All in all, it was an exciting day. Dani experienced a three-hole spa and I learned the ins-and-outs, literally, of molding someone’s most intimate parts. Diana told me that Danis’ replicas would be available for fans in three to four months and that this first step was the quickest of all procedures involved. Dani was happy when she heard this since she has been getting pressure to try anal sex and hopes these realistic products will reduce that pressure. “Yay! In 3 to 4 months anyone can have anal sex with me,” she gushed while proudly holding the mold of her bottom. And that is what I call The End.

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