Nafty Touts Adult-Friendly NFT Platform in Wake of OpenSea Shadow Banning

By on August 20, 2021

San Francisco, CA – Nafty, an all-new multi-level decentralized platform catering to adult content creators and their fans, is quickly finding a firm foothold in the industry, thanks to crypto competitors’ increasing restrictions on 18+ materials. 

Nafty’s one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace (, social/fan club, subscription network and payment system offers its clients freedom from suppression or removal of their digital artwork and content, which is skillfully utilized by the majority of today’s social communities.  

“Like many mainstream platforms that appear to welcome adult content when they first start out – for example, popular NFT marketplace OpenSea – the tide soon turns and these companies begin to hide these particular materials without the knowledge of the creators,” said Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi.  

“Many have clearly noticed that digital content that once sold quickly and for a tidy sum is no longer selling anymore. What’s the solution? Nafty. Now is the time for creators to switch to a more adult-friendly services that endorses and supports its subscribers’ livelihood.”  

Nafty’s unique ecosystem offers built-in marketing tools to help creators generate more followers, tokens to buy NFTs, tip creators and pay for subscriptions; they can also earn a passive income and use an affiliate program to attract traffic from external sources; Nafty holders no longer have to worry about a platform banning or discouraging adult content.

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