New: Chrystalino Vibrating Glass

By on September 1, 2022

Beneden-Leeuwen – SHOTS has expended the brand Chrystalino: a collection full of glass dildos. Where the first range contains blue dildos, the new line is full of black vibrating dildos. Due to this new vibrating element, the collection bears the name ‘Vibrante’.

The Vibrante dildos come in eight different shapes that have their own qualities to tease you. Push the ‘on’ button of the vibrator or use the remote control to switch on the vibrator. The vibrator knows seven levels and three speeds. You can use the vibrator on any smooth service by using the removable suction cup. Do you want to use your blue Chrystalino in the shower or any place as well? No problem! SHOTS’ Product Development team smartly added one blue item to the Vibrante collection: a blue suction cup that matches the first Chrystalino line. So, no mismatch when you’re still fond of your non-vibrating glass dildo.

What is it that makes this glass dildo so special? It’s made from borosilicate glass. This is different from regular glass because it contains higher levels of silicone dioxide and boron trioxide. That doesn’t sound very sexy, but wait until you hear about the qualities. Silicone dioxide prevents the glass from shattering or expanding when being exposed to drastic temperature changes. Boron trioxide makes the glass even further resistant to fracturing. Next to this, these ingredients are completely safe and non-toxic, making it the perfect material for a sex toy.

A glass sex toy is great for those who want to experiment with temperatures. Also, glass is a very durable product that will last a lifetime. This causes the glass sex toy to be a luxury product. Other benefits from glass are that it’s very easy to clean and that you can use the toy with any type of lubricant.

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