International Masturbation Month

By on April 29, 2022

Beneden-Leeuwen – International Masturbation Month is a celebration that should be in everyone’s content calendar! How did this month came into being and what can you do in your store to celebrate? You can read it in this overview.

Masturbation Month didn’t start as a complete month. It was first celebrated as National Masturbation Day on May 7 in 1995 as an initiative of San Fransisco sex shop Good Vibrations. It was a response to Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders being fired by President Bill Clinton in December. The reason for her firing was a statement in which she claimed that masturbation should be part of sex education for students: “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.” Eight days later, she was fired.

The national day moved from May 7 to May 28 in 2005, but what does it matter when we can celebrate it the whole month of May! The general meaning has transformed from a statement to a celebration of self-love and our right to masturbate. Next to this, masturbate-a-thons are being organised on National Masturbation Day. These masturbate-a-thons are held to raise awareness and money for AIDS organisations and women’s health initiatives. Talking about combining pleasure with purpose.

But what can you do during the whole month of May? Make a playlist of songs that talk about masturbation and play them in your store or put them on your website. A few suggestions are Nirvana’s Spank Thru (I can feel it, I can hold it, I can rub it, I can shape it) or Blink 182’s song from 1995, M + Ms (My love life was getting so bland, there are only so many ways I can make love with my hand). Or just play their 2001 album that has a masturbation pun in its title: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Want a bit more pop? Add Dancin’ in Circles by Lady Gaga (Up all night, trying to rub the pain out). Another way of honouring masturbation is by playing movies that involve masturbation scenes. We all recall the fake orgasm scene at the diner in When Harry met Sally (“I want what she’s having”) or watch Timothee Chalamet make love to a peach in Call Me by Your Name.

Spread the word! Make banners, offline and online. Motivate people to masturbate, solo or with a partner. Let your customers explore new ways of masturbating by providing them with the right information, but also the right products! SHOTS Europe has come with a special deal for International Masturbation Month that lasts until May 6: Shots Toys vibrators and Easy Riders for small prices. Get your store ready for May. So, be quick, go to and get your hands on these products. And then, let your customers lay their hands on themselves!

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