New You2Toys Six in a Row from ORION

By on June 5, 2024

Flensburg, DE – The 6-piece dildo set, “Six in a Row” from You2Toys, is a colourful training set for vaginal and anal pleasure. The set is also great for effective stretching training too. The set contains six dildos that are in various sizes, weights and pastel colours:

Green Dildo:

Total length 12 cm, insertion length 11.5 cm, Ø max. 1.8 cm, weight 35 g

Yellow Dildo:

Total length 13.2 cm, insertion length 12.4 cm, Ø max. 2.3 cm, weight 67 g

Purple Dildo:

Total length 13.7 cm, insertion length 13 cm, Ø max. 2.5 cm, weight 82 g

Orange Dildo:

Total length 14.7 cm, insertion length 14 cm, Ø max. 2.8 cm, weight 107 g

Blue Dildo:

Total length 16 cm, insertion length 15 cm, Ø max. 3.2 cm, weight 154 g

Pink Dildo:

Total length 17 cm, insertion length 16 cm, Ø max. 3.7 cm, weight 223 g

Each of the smooth and sturdy dildos is made out of silicone with a velvety soft surface for easy insertion and optimum smoothness. They are also bendy and flexible which means that they adapt perfectly to the body and its movements. All of the six dildos have a large suction cup that sticks securely to any smooth surface, therefore making hands-free fun possible. Furthermore, the suction cup can work as a stopper during anal sex as well because it stops the dildo from sliding in too far. All the dildos with suction cups can be used with strap-ons and harnesses.

The 6-piece dildo set, “Six in a Row” from You2Toys, is delivered in cardboard packaging with a description of the product in various languages on it as well. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit into the sales space because they’re more compact. They also take up less space when they’re in storage as well.

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