Now at SCALA: pjur WOMAN Display Bundle

By on February 3, 2021

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with the pjur WOMAN Display Bundle. With this display pjur is putting women and everyone who loves women in the spotlight. Place the display on your counter and cross-sell with sex toys.

“Women are a strong target group and decision-makers in the purchasing prosecc, both as buyers and as recipients of goods” says pjur. Set the focus with this attention-grabbing pjur WOMAN Display Bundle and benefit on Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day!

Pjur made the display reusable thanks to the interchangeable inlays.

This bundle includes 1x pjur Acrylic Display, 12x pjur WOMAN 100 ml, 12x pjur WOMAN Nude 100 ml, 12x pjur WOMAN Aloe 100ml, 1x Prism Counter-Display with product info, 3x tissue boxes (10.5 x 10.5 cm) and 6 different pjur inserts for in the Acrylic display. The pjur WOMAN Acrylic Display (36x 100ml) is available now.

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