ORION Wholesale – New Couple’s Toy Set from Sweet Smile

By on February 14, 2020

Flensburg, DE -According to the current ORION sex report, where almost 14,000 participants took part, the use of sex toys with their playful side was at the top of the list for the majority of participants. Almost two thirds of all the people asked stated that experimenting with sex toys revived their relationship or that they just liked enjoying a bit of time pleasuring themselves. The main focus for women is the desire to experiment while men would rather spice up their relationship with sex toys. 10% of all the participants also enjoy just stimulating various pleasure spots that they can’t stimulate simultaneously when they’re on their own or with their partner.

The “Couple’s Toy Set” from Sweet Smile (item number 05966630000), which is now available from ORION Wholesale, fulfils all these desires for more fun together. The 7-piece sex toy set contains two different vibro-bullets that each have seven vibration modes, a finger vibrator, a glans vibrator, love balls, a cock and testicle ring, and a butt plug with a suction cup. The vibro-bullets can be inserted into the cock and testicle ring, as well as the glans ring and the finger vibrator. The butt plug has a thrillingly stimulating texture and its suction cup means that it can stick to any smooth surface. The love balls can be used for exciting foreplay or for training the pelvic floor muscles. The appropriate batteries are included – that means that all the toys out of this sophisticated sex toy set can be tested straight away.

All the toys in this set are made out of silicone with a velvety soft PU coating. They are delivered in a high-quality cardboard box that also has a description of the product in various languages on it as well. The product can be seen behind the blister packaging once the front of the box has been opened. Not only is the packaging eye-catching and guarantees a sale, but it can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit into the sales space because they’re more compact. They also take up less space when they’re in storage as well.

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