By on April 2, 2024

Hong Kong, HK – OTOUCH, a leader in adult pleasure products, introduces DECOR 2, the latest innovation set to revolutionize intimate experiences.

Key Features:

Convenient Storage: DECOR 2 features a discreet storage compartment for your airplane cup, ensuring easy organization and accessibility.

UV Disinfection: Equipped with UV-C light technology, DECOR 2 offers a thorough and efficient disinfection process, promoting hygiene and peace of mind.

Safe Heating Function: With built-in overheat protection, DECOR 2’s heating function reaches 55 degrees Celsius for optimal comfort, automatically stopping when the desired temperature is reached.

Enhanced Pleasure: Experience unmatched sensations with DECOR 2’s lifelike 4D tunnel design and ultra-elastic TPE material, elevating intimacy to new heights.


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