OTOUCH MUSHROOM: A Beloved Massager for Women

By on May 30, 2024

Hong Kong, HK – OTOUCH is delighted to highlight one of its most popular products, the MUSHROOM, a state-of-the-art massager designed specifically for women. Named for its mushroom-like shape, the MUSHROOM combines advanced technology with thoughtful design, promising an unparalleled experience in personal wellness.

The MUSHROOM stands out with its liquid silicone wrap, providing a smooth, skin-friendly surface. The head features a double-layer silicone construction, ensuring it is extraordinarily soft and gentle, enhancing comfort during use.

This innovative device offers seven distinct vibration modes, powered by a strong motor that delivers intense and satisfying sensations. Whether seeking gentle relaxation or powerful stimulation, the MUSHROOM’s versatile settings cater to all preferences.

One of the standout features of the MUSHROOM is its PDS (Put Down Stop). This intelligent system protects your privacy by pausing the device’s vibrations when set down and resuming them when picked up, ensuring discreet and seamless operation.

The MUSHROOM also provides a charging base, when charging, it will be an LED light. Adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your nighttime environment.


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