Paradise Marketing Announces New and Improved Paradise Lubricated Condoms

By on October 3, 2015

Vista, Calif., – Paradise Marketing, America’s Number One source of condoms and lubricants, introduces the new and improved High Tech Paradise lubricated condom that provides a more comfortable fit, superior elasticity and tensile strength for a wall of thinness that feels closer to bare skin than ever before.

The standard size lubricated condoms are exceptionally strong with a straight shaft design made from premium latex that enhances sensitivity and pleasure from every angle.

“Our condoms are generously lubricated to glide across the skin for a superior feel compared to other condoms, and are tested more stringently than the industry standard,” said Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise. “A better fitting condom with improved lubrication makes for greater stimulation, safety and comfort.”

The condoms are sold on Paradise’s website in a 40-piece bowl or separately by the case, and its new and improved protective foil packaging creates an effective UV light barrier to ensure a sustained shelf life for superior long-term efficacy.

“The new and improved benefits and features of our Paradise condom are designed with our customers in mind, as fit and comfort are crucial to condom users,” said Paradise. “By increasing sensitivity with better lubrication and fit, men will feel more amenable to regular condom use. Rest assured, we spared no expense when it comes to our customers’ pleasure and protection.”

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