pjur To Launch Relationships, Love and Sex Blog

By on March 29, 2017

Luxembourg/Wasserbillig,- For years, pjur group has been well known for its high quality water and silicone-based lubricants, as well as products for stimulation, delay and intimate care. In line with this expertise, pjur will now also be answering all sorts of questions about relationships, love and sex in its new pjur love blog. Not only will the company from Luxembourg market its high quality, premium intimate products, it will also be looking at a great variety of related topics.

Whether you want to find out which is the right condom size and how to have better sex as a result, to find out how long good sex actually lasts, about different ways of kissing or which various types of lubricant are available – pjur will from now on be regularly posting answers to these questions and many other interesting topics on pjurlove.com/blog. This will not only be of interest to existing pjur fans but everyone else too. pjur will be looking at lots of new and interesting issues, which will awaken the curiosity of both trade and retail customers!

Find out more about pjur on www.pjur.com

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