Magic Silk in New Retail Packaging

By on August 16, 2021

Great things come in gorgeous packages – that’s the motto of Magic Silk. And so we have redesigned the packaging on four of our most popular lines to stunning effect. The message to our customers is simple: Magic Silk products offer quality inside and out.

Exposed lingerie now sells in a sturdy, bright white box with a bold swirl design and silver and red embossed lettering. A small window in the back offers a tempting preview of the delights within.

The bawdy bundles for Seamless and Dress Up feature a bold splash of color, silver highlights, and silver embossed lettering. A long, crescent shaped window affords a sneak peek of playful garments that are chic and cheek.

Sexy Time looks mighty fine. A beautiful fox bedecks the dazzling box, surrounded by day glow coral that starkly contrasts a matte black background with glossy highlights. It is practically a work of art.

The Love & Bondage packaging, with its signature keyhole graphic and dark black background, is imbued with a sense of mystery and excitement. It perfectly sets the mood for those couples who want to indulge their darker desires and engage in a night of romantic submission. 

All of these extremely upscale designs offer ultra-modern graphics, multiple views of the styles within, and smooth, soft surfaces to evoke the tactile sensation of Magic Silk lingerie. Only top quality materials are used for a scintillating effect.

Need something special to brighten up your store shelves? Look no further than Magic Silk. Our box rocks.

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