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By on March 27, 2019

Sometimes sex toys come in such gorgeous shades it’s hard to decide which one to choose. Take for example the Chaiamo vibrator which comes in either black, teal or burgundy: being a magpie for bright colours instinctively I’d probably choose the teal (although truthfully, it’s more of a Tiffany turquoise). However, the burgundy Chaiamo we received from Rocks-Off was quietly tasteful and very elegant, and ultimately I was pleased it’s the shade we were sent.

Speaking of magpies, the metallic ring surrounding the lower part of the Chaiamo is a shiny, reflective and very on-trend rose-gold, while on the base itself a big burgundy silicone button sits neatly in its metallic nest.

This colour scheme is reflected in the cardboard packaging, which features the vibrator set behind a smattering of black gloss droplets over of a bed of velvety matt-black roses. There’s also a thematic echo in the embossed rose gold floral pattern on the side panels of the box. Before I’d even unpacked the Chaiamo a colleague exclaimed, ‘Ooh – classy!’ First impressions = job done.

Next, a light appears near the base of the Chaiamo to let you know the USB magnetic charger is engaged, and even that one small spot of red against the burgundy and rose-gold is satisfyingly striking.

The burgundy silicone of the Chaiamo feels silky and warm to the touch and is nicely non-snaggy except for two slight seams running vertically on both sides of the shaft.

Comprising ten vibration and pulsation levels, for its size – and for the price point– the Chaiamo is surprisingly powerful. Thanks to its easy-reach button and simple scrolling settings system (try saying that after a mind-blowing orgasm!), plus its solid yet yielding slanted tip, the Chaiamo will take you wherever you want to go.

The perfectly proportioned Chaiamo proved a huge hit in so many ways: elegant yet waterproof, fierce yet quiet – really quiet – this handbag-friendly vibrator by Rocks-Off is a toy you’ll want to take with you on your travels. Don’t leave home without it.
Mia More


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