Review – Drencher – Kink – Doc Johnson

By on May 31, 2017

The recent collaboration by Doc Johnson and gave the sex toy industry a luxury series of fetish items that are designed to be suitable for both beginners and more experienced kink users. The most expensive sex toy in the range is the Drencher, a 10 inch silicone, squirting dildo. This toy is aimed at those who are interested in and enjoy golden showers but want to experiment and play around with it on their own terms.

Every detail has been considered with this toy. It comes with 2 fluid ounces of synthetic urine, which is also tropical flavoured and vegan friendly. A 45cm tube is connected to the bottom of the toy, which can then be attached to the easy-to-use refillable plastic syringe. For added stability the toy comes with an attachable Vac-U-Lock suction cup, and is also compatible with any other items from the Vac-U-Lock range. The dildo itself is incredibly realistic despite its dark colour, with many veins and skin details throughout, as well as its pronounced head and balls. This toy could be used internally as well, but with a 5.4cm / 2.1” diameter, this is one for the size queens.

While I have no interest in urine play personally, I was excited to try out this toy, and who knows what hidden fetishes might be revealed from within me. I love that a synthetic urine has been provided, but I found the tropical flavour to be somewhat overwhelmingly sweet and the illusion of it being actual urine was quickly lost on me. Plus, since there isn’t much of it, the majority of my tests have just been with water, which works really well. Water-based lube is also suggested, but I find it doesn’t always come out too well and feels more like cum than urine. Lastly, the suction cup is amazingly stable and the best I’ve ever tried, I’m fairly sure my bathroom tiles would lose in a match against it.

While I didn’t find my water-sport kink awakened, I really do think it would be perfect for those who already know they have a urine play fetish but perhaps don’t have anyone to share it with. Using the syringe is really simple and because the suction cup is so efficient it is easy to use it over yourself.
This product really is the ultimate sex toy for anyone wanting to experience a golden shower and will certainly be popular with its intended target audience.

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