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By on April 17, 2020

In a nutshell, HUP is an oral sex stimulator and vibrator: one end uses suction as well as a mechanical tongue to mimic the sensation of oral sex, while its long handle is shaped like a G-spot vibrator. In all, there are four motors offering ‘3 suction patterns, 7 tongue/ vibration patterns and 10 vibration patterns’ – sometimes all at once!

The first motor is situated below the tongue, which moves rhythmically up and down. Even though its tip is made of flexible silicone, the tongue laps firmly like a finger rather than gently and sensuously, which may not be for everybody. The tongue comes with an additional TPE sleeve for varied stimulation.

There’s a whole lot the HUP to enjoy; you can use the tongue alone or, with the extra suction stimulation, add a teasing inflating-deflating pattern to your play. Simply twist on one of the two attachments provided: take your pick between the round nipple pump or oval vaginal pump. Each of these transparent plastic pleasure domes is topped with a silicone ring to soften its connection to the body.

If you’re into visual stimulation, you’ll notice the suction cups quickly become fogged up during use – but this won’t affect their performance. When using the silicone tongue simultaneously with a suction cup, the tongue can be difficult to position just right. The vibrations at the opposite end of the toy are buzzy making the handle more like a dildo than a G-spot vibrator.

The HUP has the potential to set your entire world alight. It requires experimentation to discover which of its aspects best suit your body. Play with using the nipple pump on your clitoral area; learn how to stop the suction motor at its most titillating point for you, personally. Try it every which way. The USP of the HUP is the multiple options available!
Mia More

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