Review Kink Tug Nipple Clips – Doc Johnson

By on April 19, 2017

Both Doc Johnson and are well known and respected names in this industry, so their announcement of a collaborative series of sex toys and fetish items was met with much excitement. The series is designed to be suitable for both beginners and experienced kink users, and features a huge range of items from dildos to electro-play wands. Amongst these is an assortment of nipple clips, all featuring different traits. There is one that creates suction, another that uses clover-style clips, and even one that has tweezer clips that also attach to the user’s clitoris. I was sent the Tug set for review, which special feature is its weight.

The Tug Nipple Clips certainly live up to their claim of being high quality, and a lot of care has clearly gone into their design. The clips themselves are alligator-style, and can be adjusted to create a looser or tighter fit. They feature red silicone tips that contain both the Doc Johnson and logo. This ensures that they won’t slip off, as well giving some colour to the set. The chains and weight both feel nice to the touch, although as you can imagine are quite heavy. The weight comes in at 81 g (.18 lb), while the chain itself is 64cm (25″) and weighs 115 g (.25 lb). Thankfully the weight can be easily removed since it is attached with a spring clip.

It has been a few years since I last used nipple clips, so at this point I consider myself a beginner. Despite the claims that these toys are newbie friendly I was still nervous to try them, but upon doing so I quickly found I had nothing to worry about. While they certainly do their job, I don’t find them too overwhelming or extreme, and am able to put them on relatively easily. The clips themselves definitely cause some initial pain, and the weight adds to this even more, but in the right scenario this can certainly turn into pleasure. I have found the clips also stay on extremely well, and even during play I have had no issues with them slipping off.

Having these clips placed on you whilst being restrained or dominated is a thrilling sensation I have very much enjoyed, and the strength of the clips and silicone tips means your partner can tug on them without worry. As such, I believe these would be the perfect addition to anyone’s kink or BDSM scene toy-kit, whether you are a long-term kink practitioner or a beginner.

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