Review – Men Heat Vibration – Satisfyer

By on August 14, 2020

Satisfyer’s Men Heat Vibration is a male masturbator for the tip of the penis. At first glance its packaging is the epitome of stereotypical masculinity: a stylish black box stamped with a quote from Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi claiming, “Like a blowjob – just better!”

Inside, the ABS plastic and silicone masturbator of the MHV is an equally sleek design, with four buttons including on/off for function and vibration control, +/- for speed, and of course a control for the temperature. The MHV features 3 different temperatures, heating up to around 40 degrees – that’s a little above body temperature – within five minutes. As there’s no light behind the controls you can’t see them in the dark. Instead, you have to rely on the red from the heat button to shed some light on the others. Being waterproof, the MHV is easy to clean, which is just as well as it’s closed at one end. It’s best to air-dry the toy, as like all silicone it can get fluffy when dried with a towel.

Since the entrance of the MHV doesn’t resemble a vulva like many strokers do, it appeals across the sexualities.

If you like the MHV you’ll love its unbeatable long warranty. You’ll also love that it has two motors (two!) and is designed for use with flaccid or erect penises, meaning it can be used by a partner for foreplay or as solo warm-up. Additionally, the MHV is a smart way to jumpstart overtired partners, and to help with erectile issues. Heat and vibes… what’s not to like? Especially as you can prop the MHV between your legs to tickle your balls at the same time!

In terms of the MHV being better than a blowjob however, we beg to differ: it’s just different. For a start you’ll need lashings of lube. With this in mind, for an unbeatable sensation, we recommend pairing the masturbator with Satisfyer’s Men Warming Lubricant.

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