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By on August 1, 2016

It’s always interesting to try an updated version of a popular toy, and thankfully Pipedream’s Multi-Mini 9 Function Massager has retained most of the plus points of its predecessor. It may have lost the optional sucker attachment that was excellent for use on bathroom tiles, cupboard doors and especially windows, but what the neighbours have lost in potential rubber-necking, the rest of us have gained in options, as the Mini Wanachi moves from three speeds to the aforementioned 9 functions with ubiquitous Pipedream panache. Thus the Mini becomes the Multi-Mini, and with one extra word and six extra settings the fun-factor increases exponentially.

The Wanachi Multi-Mini offers 9 powerful functions, a soft PU coating, a flexible neck, is waterproof and has the multi-function button. Exploring these attributes further, of course the settings aren’t as powerful as you’d find in a mains-powered wand, but neither is the Multi-Mini a slow-burner. It more than holds its own amongst its battery-powered contemporaries, offering varying escalating speeds and now some additional pulsating settings too, going from 0-60 faster than you can say ‘Wanachi’.

The phthalate-free PU coating of the head of the Wanachi Multi-Mini allows for focused attention on the body, while the flexible neck enables a more versatile approach to play. Unfortunately, if used too forcefully this same neck is still as vulnerable to breaking as the original Mini Wanachi, and even those who prefer a lighter touch may find that this area wears after a few months.

The elimination of the additional sucker means that some user options are decreased as – believe it or not – some people do actually enjoy wands for back and shoulder massages, and it’s advantageous to be able to achieve this hands-free. But since the Multi-Mini is as waterproof as its forerunner, the bathroom can still provide the user with Wanachi sexy time.

This Wanachi is a tad noisy when dialed up and batteries are not included, so don’t forget those but despite that it’s not called the 9 Function Massager for nothing, you know…

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