Review Platinum TRUSKYN – The Tru Touch – Doc Johnson

By on August 1, 2016

A standout item on our To Do list (puns intended), we were thrilled to receive the Tru Touch dildo from Doc Johnson’s Platinum Premium Silicone range for review.

With a collection of items spanning the last couple of decades, as longtime fans of the Doc Johnson brand it’s gratifying to see how they continue to update their toys in terms of product development and manufacture – no resting on their laurels for them! Their dildos especially have really come into their own, using revolutionary materials to closer mimic the touch and feel of skin.

As Doc Johnson celebrates its thirtieth year as a company, one of its latest breakthroughs is TruSkyn, a lifelike material with the ability to warm to your body temperature. The exterior packaging for our Tru Touch reads like a techy car advertisement might, boasting, “Innovative Dual Density, Soft Exterior Firm Core, Cushioned Finish”. Once in the hand, the purple dildo springs pleasingly to attention, its weight giving it an air of gravitas and that subliminal Doc Johnson seal of quality. Firm yet surprisingly flexible, this is health grade phthalate-free silicone.

But does it feel like skin? Designed to feel soft and smooth on the outside but with a strong inner core, you really can feel the Dual Density when you squeeze the Touch between your fingers and yes, this certainly gives it a more ‘human’ effect than its more traditional counterparts. However, the purple colour and cute WW1 tin helmet-shaped corona at the tip give it a lighthearted, non-threatening appearance, lending it better to lesbian use than a realistic 7.5” cock might.

Those familiar with Doc Johnson may be aware of a specific plastic smell that accompanies some of their ‘realistic’ dildos and can be off-putting to users. However, the Touch is completely odourless, and its non-porous surface means it’s so hygienic you can even wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher – just remember to dust it down with the accompanying Doc Johnson Powder or some cornflour once it’s dry.

The Touch comes with a flat base for use on its own or to enjoy with an O-ring harness. We own several and it fitted every one, which is always useful when you have a favourite harness that’s a different brand from your favourite dildo.

This is a serious toy with an unintimidating aura – in market terms an absolute winner. As Doc Johnson move with the times and modernise the materials used for their products, we’re looking forward to see what the next thirty years will bring!

Mia More

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