Review – Sassy, Pillow Talk- BMS Factory

By on January 18, 2018

Pillow Talk is one of the latest lines to be launched under the Canadian BMS Factory umbrella. Comprising three vibrators – a Sassy G-Spot stimulator, Flirty mini vibe and Cheeky wand – the toys each come in either baby Pink or an aqua pastel BMS call Teal. They also feature a glittering Swarovski crystal for that little extra sparkle. Cute!

Presented in an elegant white box complete with matching silky storage bag, the pink Sassy we received was clearly designed with gifting in mind: perfect as a treat for yourself or a present for a lover. BMS even thought to include a little brush to scrub those hard-to-reach ridges – a detail which impressed us no end, especially as aftercare is so often overlooked in this industry.

The Sassy charges easily once you’ve found the place to insert the lead (clue: it’s neatly hidden in full sight on the side – a beautiful touch), and the pretty light encircling the crystal flashes until it’s loaded and locked and good to go. The phthalate-free silicone is wonderfully soft and smooth, the outside shape is ergonomic while the inner materials are forgiving and flexible, and the G-Spot bulb has a gratifying heaviness behind it.

Pillow Talk’s Sassy works extremely simply: just press the diamond button at the base and it starts straight up. Continue to apply pressure and the vibrations get stronger and more forceful by the moment until you get to your chosen setting. One quick push and the whole vibrator turns off – an essential attribute if you’re caught in the act and need to stop fast. And let’s face it we’ve all been there!

Despite containing BMS Factory’s lauded PowerBullet motor, the vibrations of the Sassy aren’t the strongest we’ve ever felt, but then they aren’t the weakest either. In fact, the Sassy seems to be designed less for serious vibe queens and more for applying pressure to that all-important G-Spot area – and this it does with weighty aplomb.

Sassy is great for a first foray into sex toys or for someone who wants to swerve the clit-stim and explore their inner goddess instead. Speaking of which, the Swarovski crystal detail at the base is a delight – ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ indeed!

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