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By on February 4, 2017

The promise of orgasm within a single minute was a tantalizing offer, how could I resist? The Satisfyer Penguin sits at a lower price point than the Pro 2 and has a completely different grip. The Penguin comes in an attractive bright pink with a lovely soft touch surface.

The pink body of the Penguin sits naturally in a cupped hand. The design and upward pointing nozzle are among the cuter toys I’ve come across. The velvety ABS plastic and soft silicone nozzle get the body safe tick of approval. With magnetic charging and waterproofing it’s a breeze to charge and clean. Don’t let the sweet appearance of the Penguin beguile you though, it still packs a lot of sensation into its small body.

The on/off button is simple to find, with the intensity button perfectly placed for easy use. With a single button, you scroll up 11 intensity settings and scroll back down to a gentle hum. It’s easy to forget that you’re at 11 and accidentally go back down a notch while looking for more power. I may have done this a few times.

My clitoris is on the large side, which made using the Penguin a challenge. Encasing my entire clitoris and hood within the soft silicone was near impossible, and I often had to rearrange to ensure sensation was maximized. The orgasms I managed to wrench out were incredible, the claims of increased blood flow to the area hold true. I took the Penguin into a shower with me, and highly recommend trying it out under water. Even noise is minimal once the Penguin is fixed in place. Pro tip: a dollop of water-based lube noticeably improves the seal. However, at no point was I able to orgasm in under a minute. I had to give up more than once, Satisfyer aren’t kidding when they advise against use for more than 15 minutes: hypersensitivity and over engorged blood vessels may result in discomfort.
Like all toys, enjoying the Penguin comes down to body and preference. Those with average-small clits who prefer direct stimulation will likely love it. The sensations are truly unique amongst a sea of vibrators. Despite personal setbacks, the Penguin will be staying by my bedside.

A review by Emilia for Synergy Magazine

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