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By on April 25, 2018
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From a visual perspective you can instantly see the appeal of the Pro Plus Vibration, one of Satisfyer’s biggest sellers. It nails the contemporary rose-gold trend of the last couple of years, whilst the cream lends a vintage air to it.

Furthermore, for people who are not attracted to penises, the appearance of the Pro Plus Vibration – and indeed of the rest of the Satisfyer range – offers a welcome break from classic vibrators and dildos, putting a stylish spin on oral sex toys. Indeed, the Pro Plus Vibration (hitherto known as PPV) is a great gift for any sex toy collector whose whoredrobe could do with a bit of a refresh.

Featuring ‘air pulse technology plus vibration’, the Satisfyer PPV is a clitoral stimulator that relies on suction to work well, which is assumedly why it’s designed to cover a relatively wide area with its a generous nozzle. This means the PPV is wonderfully inclusive with regards to larger women and the trans community, and that it can suck the nipples of anyone with ease. Excellent!

Although the PPV has eleven ‘pressure wave’ settings, the sensation is so intense you’d be hard-pressed to get past the first two – and that’s without adding in any one of the ten vibration settings. No messing around with this combination, it goes straight to the point – in every sense. This makes Satisfyer’s PPV perfect for people who struggle with reaching orgasm due to medication (such as anti-depressants or the contraceptive pill).

For, unlike the now ubiquitous mains-powered Wand, with the Satisfyer PPV there’s no numbing involved: it sucks the clitoris rather than hammering it into submission. This means that with the PPV you can play longer and orgasm multiple times, whereas with a Wand you run the risk of your entire genital area feeling like it’s just escaped a session of pneumatic drilling.

The PPV is large yet lightweight, making it easy to hold even for people who find gripping objects a challenge. You can clench it between your thighs or use it in the bath because – joy! – the PPV is fully waterproof (so, also easy peasy to clean). Unfortunately, it’s a bit too bulky and cumbersome for use during sex with a partner, and since it can be noisy away from the body, we would suggest you add lashings of lube before applying the PPV to your chosen area, only turning it on when it’s nestled neatly in place.


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