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By on October 26, 2018

The Traveler is the smallest suction seducer in the enviably successful Satisfyer Pro range. Presented in distinct halves as a charcoal and cream handset with a separate protective charcoal storage lid, the two Pro Traveler parts meet at their mutual metallic trim with the slick suggestiveness of a juicy oyster.

If you’re a fan of direct clit-stim you’re in for a treat, as Satisfyer’s Pro Traveler toy is pretty much guaranteed to deliver. It’s so effective you might find it’s stolen an orgasm before you’ve even had time to roll out your waterproof squirting sheet!

However, plenty of people don’t feel comfortable being completely out of control, so if stealth orgasms aren’t your thing – or if you simply fancied a more lengthy and indulgent session of self-appreciation – you might feel strangely cheated that your body had given up an orgasm before your head had caught up with it all.

If you prefer less pinpoint action and more titillation around (rather than on) your clitoris, then you may find this Satisfyer simply too intense – a not uncommon reaction to such toys. Needless to say, lube is essential for everyone.

This erotic, executive-style travel toy has a smaller, harder nozzle than its Satisfyer sisters, so it would be useful to have the option of a padded accessory (of differing sizes) to cushion the clit from the nozzle; firstly for comfort and secondly because the Traveler can be a tad loud when the suction seal to the body is broken.

To decide if it suits, perhaps view the Traveler as a mechanical representation of online porn; ideal if you’re into instant rather than delayed gratification, sensuousness, subtlety and foreplay be damned. Of course, this only serves to elevate the Traveler’s status to the ultimate sex toy for the internet generation.

With the Traveler taking the erotic industry by storm, the Satisfyer brand doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. The Traveler is a must-have sex toy, if only because you’re guaranteed more bang for your buck – and then some!
Mia More


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