Review – Sweet Treat- Satisfyer

By on May 15, 2020

It’s not often a ‘Spinnator’ lands on our desk, so when Satisfyer’s Sweet Treat AKA Sweet Temptation arrived, our curiosity was piqued – all the more so since it’s shaped like an ice-cream! The Sweet Treat comes in three varieties: all-black, entirely white, or – our favourite – pink strawberry ice-cream in an everyday brown cone. Whichever flavour you favour, its kitsch appearance is bound to melt the coldest of hearts.

According to Satisfyer’s website, the Sweet Treat provides clitoral stimulation ‘through rotating lamellae’. A quick google informs us that in biological terms lamellae are ‘thin layers or membranes’. On the Sweet Treat these layers spin clockwise or anti-clockwise dependent on your preference, giving you four rhythms and three speeds in each direction.

From a distance the silicone lamellae may resemble a dollop of ice-cream, but with lashings of water-based lube they feel more like a succession of tickling tongues: light and titillating. This means the Sweet Treat is great for people with a super-sensitive clit who find mainstream toys too fierce or painful, and it also suits those who don’t respond well to vaginal penetration. That said, users with a seventies bush may like to undertake a little landscaping before they invest in the Sweet Treat, as it works best for bareback riding rather than accidental depilating (ouch)!

In addition to its evident cuteness, the Sweet Treat is waterproof. So, head to the shower and start by using the Sweet Treat on his nipples before heading south to tantalise his butt. Or celebrate your sweet self in the bath with some subtle self-love, sundae-style.

The light flutter from the Sweet Treat is less invasive than your average adult product, so the overall experience is more foreplay than finale’. But then not everybody likes it full on, and it’s always advantageous to have a variety of products in your arsenal: if your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, why not ice-cream?
Mia More

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