Rob Reimer – Channel 1 Releasing

By on August 24, 2016

LOS ANGELES — Channel 1 Releasing announces the return of Rob Reimer as chief marketing officer.

Reimer formerly served as Channel 1 Releasing’s marketing manager. Now he will oversee the sales and product development of new and existing novelty brands such as Rascal and Boneyard. In addition, he will also be overseeing the company’s marketing activities, distribution channel management and branding efforts.

“Rob began working for Channel 1 back in 2002 when we were a brand new company” CEO, and co-founder Rob Novinger said. “Since then, he spread his wings and made a name for himself at a number of successful corporations. We look forward to welcoming Rob back to begin this next chapter of his career at a heightened role as chief marketing officer. He will be a tremendous asset to our company, and we are proud to add him to our executive team.”

After starting his career working for Channel 1 Releasing as a marketing manager, Reimer then went on to roles as marketing manager and global events producer at Manhunt, then served as VP of marketing and sales at Perfect Fit Brand. During that time, he also attended Johnson & Wales University in Miami as an honors student.

In his new role as CMO, Reimer will work with Channel 1 Releasing on its novelty business models, product development and growth, and increasing overall profitability. He will also assist with marketing, advertising and branding, as well as serve as the brand ambassador travelling extensively to conduct product trainings and attending trade shows.

“It’s extremely exciting to be back at the place where it all began. I look forward to bringing my broader range of experience back to Channel 1 Releasing,” Reimer said. “I’m looking forward to get going and make an immediate impact for the company.”

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